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Meet Your Team

Local Life owner and marketing strategist, Jenny Lorenz smiling in a sunny outdoor setting

Jenny Lorenz,
Owner & Marketing Strategist

Born & Raised in Chicago, IL

A resident of The Keys for over 12 years, Jenny was most recently the Director of Marketing for a multi-million dollar property complex. As a credit to her productivity and exceptional relationship-building skills, her former employer continues to contract her services today.

Jenny's eclectic experience creates a well-rounded background specializing in retail, hospitality, marketing, sales, advertising, and promotion. She thrives on brainstorming new ideas and data-driven results to help small businesses achieve their full potential. Her drive, passion, and warmth make her a natural collaborator for growing your business. 

Local Life Media's Social Media & Manager and Content Creator, Emily Nixon and her dog in front of the ocean

Emily Nixon
Social Media Manager & Content Creator

Born & Raised in Wakefield, MA

A local of The Keys for over seven years and the Director of Star of the Sea (SOS) Foundation, Emily's experience and relationships run deep in the Florida Keys community.

As a creative outlet, Emily creates thoughtful and inspired captions, graphic designs, and engaging social media content, all unmatched in The Keys. Emily's social media management features a holistic marketing approach to help small businesses convey and showcase their value, while suggesting new initiatives, increasing followers, and driving conversions.

Local Life Media's SEO & Website Design team member, Lauren Feiner, in front of trees and grass

Lauren Feiner
SEO & Website Design

Born & Raised in Spring Green, WI

Without a doubt the Local Life team member who picked the best climate to live in, Lauren resides near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Previously working as a manager of Digital Merchandising, advertising coordinator, and retail marketer for a major Midwest department store group, Lauren excels at retail strategy and has an unparalleled attention to detail.

When given the opportunity to combine her previous digital merchandising experience with website design and SEO expertise, Lauren creates a powerful user-experience from start to finish.


Alexa Ciancimino
Social Media Manager & Content Creator

Born in New Jersey, Raised in Las Vegas, NV

Alexa has over 6 years of experience managing social media accounts for businesses of all sizes. She specializes in organic social media marketing and is dedicated to helping brands build an engaged and loyal online community through compelling content and tailored strategies.

When she's not creating your social calendars, you'll find Alexa at Soulcycle, hiking, or reading a fiction novel!

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